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Focus on Life and Health Management and Food Safety

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Real-time molecular diagnostic technology

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We focus on the research and development, production, sales and service of molecular diagnostic POCT products, and are committed to providing convenient, accurate and efficient, high-end intelligent integrated solutions for medical diagnosis, animal disease diagnosis and food safety testing, and we are wholeheartedly creating applicable solutions High-tech products in clinical diagnosis, public health, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, livestock and poultry breeding and aquaculture, provide customers with professional, personalized and systematic service plans.
  • Aquatic animal disease detection

  • Livestock and poultry disease detection

  • Food safety testing

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Medical Diagnosis
Aim at Clinical Genetic Disease Detection, Infectious Disease Detection and Early cancer screening
Public health
Aim at Disease Control, Sudden Epidemics and Epidemic Pathogen Surveillance, Import & Export Inspection and Quarantine and On-site Rapid Detection of Forensic Investigation
Food Safety
Aiming at Rapid Detection of Animal-derived Ingredients, Pathogenic Microorganisms, Genetically Modified Agricultural Products
Livestock & Poultry Breeding and Aquaculture
Aim at Rapid Detection and Diagnosis of Livestock & Poultry Diseases and Aquatic Animal Diseases